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Niu's Kitchen

157 Tongarra Road, Albion Park, 2527

About Us

Niu means cute little girl in Chinese. Represented by a cartoon fairy with a big smile and warm heart, Niu’s concept is inspired by the Princess of Sea Snail in the ancient orient, who mixes joy in food with love, care and magic.

Restaurant Flavour, Takeaway Price.

Our menu is carefully crafted, featured with handpicked flavours from Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Singapore and Vietnam…tailored by our internationally experienced chefs to suit your taste. Niu’s Out of Wok & Stir & Fry Series boast our secret sauces recipes, by which you can taste a refined quality of delicacy only found in professional restaurants.

Your Home Kitchen.

Niu’s Kitchen regards every customer in Albion Park community like a family, offering a variety of food prepared in nutritive and clean process, with the wellbeing of our customers in mind.



"Awesome delicious meal Thank you"



We deliver to

2527 Albion Park, 2527 Albion Park Rail, 2527 Calderwood, 2527 Tullimbar, 2527 Yellow Rock, 2528 Mount Warrigal, 2529 Blackbutt, 2529 Flinders, 2529 Oak Flats, 2529 Shell Cove, 2529 Shellharbour, 2529 Shellharbour City Centre, 2530 Haywards Bay, 2530 Yallah